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Our SilverBack3 paper is a humidity stable, high release, fast-drying paper that brings Sublimation Transfer Printing to a new level of vivid color, reduced ink loads, and is compatible with most printers on the market SpectraJet Paper Windertoday. SilverBack3 can be printed with all commercial grade sublimation dyes including oil, solvent, and water based systems.

Rolls are available in widths of  17”, 24”, 36”, 44”, 54”, 64”, 72”, 89”, 100”, 104” and 126” to accommodate a wide range of sublimation substrates.

During our manufacturing process all of the functions are closely controlled, from type of pulp, raw materials for the coating, production of the coating, mixing and blending cycles, all parts of the mechanical SpectraJet Labprocess, converting, packaging and shipping. SpectraJet maintains complete control on the quality and functionality of our papers, ensuring a consistently superior product for our clients.

Let us provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed. SpectraJet can help you deliver more for your customers.

Van Son Sublimation InksVan Son Inks
Van Son, the leading global manufacturer of high performance printing inks, blends progressive technology with world-class support to deliver unparalleled ink solutions for any substrate, printing production technology, or pressroom environment.  SpectraJet carries water, oil and solvent based quality Van Son Inks.